Phen375 Reviews – Diet Pills That Work

weight loss pillsWhere did Phen375 come from, and why is it so popular?

Well, when a diet drug receives lots of publicity, its name sticks in people’s minds. The miracle anti-obesity drug Fen-Phen, which mixed the two prescription medications fenfluramine and phentermine, was a craze in the 1990s. It worked great but the fenfluramine component turned out to have dangerous side effects – in other words, the Phen was good but the Fen was very, very bad. Fen-Phen was quickly pulled from the market.


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Even so, people still remember that Fen-Phen was an incredibly effective prescription diet pill, and phentermine remains on the market as a standalone weight loss drug known as “Phentermine 37.5.” It’s only available to obese patients by prescription, however, so most people can’t get their hands on it.

What the makers of Phen375 have done is combine safe and natural ingredients in an attempt to create a weight-loss supplement that produces results similar to phentermine or Fen-Phen, without the dangers. They can’t call their supplement phentermine, of course, so they call it phentemine (without the “r”). That takes advantage of people’s familiarity with the name, and also gives customers a good feel for what the pill is supposed to do.

So that’s the story behind the product, but does Phen375 work? Read on for our full Phen375 review.

The Goals

As stated on the company’s website: “Phen375 is a dietary supplement designed for weight loss and hunger suppression.” (We’ve left out the exclamation point.) The process involves increasing the body’s metabolism to boost fat burning while decreasing appetite at the same time.

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It’s a simple equation: eat less and burn fat more efficiently, and you’ll lose weight. It’s clear that the manufacturers understand dietary realities, too. Even the perfect supplement works better when combined with proper diet and exercise, so Phen375 provides specially-designed exercise routines and diet plans to aid customers interested in a weight loss program.

Why use a fat burning supplement at all? The answer is simple. People who go on a low-calorie diet can be their own worst enemy, because their bodies recognize that less food is coming in. That forces the body to switch into “protective mode,” lowering its metabolism to jealously guard the fat it’s already stored. Something, whether it’s exercise or a supplement, is needed to boost metabolism and overcome the body’s natural protective instincts.

Lots of positive Phen375 customer reviews have been published online, but it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s just a product promotion or sales pitch. Even the sites with screaming headlines like “Phen375 Scam!” are usually just trying to get your attention so they can sell you the product. We’ll be taking a much more comprehensive approach to investigating the product in this Phen375 review.

The biggest battle, as most who’ve tried diet supplements over the years certainly know, is burning the existing fat that’s built up in the body over years. And a pill isn’t going to it by magic. The key is stimulating the body’s fat-burning mechanisms to put them into overdrive, so stubborn stored body fat disappears while new calories are burned instead of turned into even more fat.

There are tons of supplements on the market claiming to do just that, and the difference between them usually depends on what’s inside. That’s where any reliable Phen375 review will start, so here’s our look at the Phen375 ingredients.

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What’s In The Supplement

There are five important Phen375 ingredients, all intended to work together to burn fat and suppress appetite.

  • L-Carnitine: This amino acid is crucial to the way the body functions in several ways, most importantly moving fatty acids to cells where they’re turned into energy. L-carnitine also helps remove toxic by-products after the energy is created. It’s produced in the kidneys and liver and it’s also contained in foods like red meat and milk, so the body normally has a large enough supply for regular function.
    However, studies have shown that L-carnitine supplements help boost the body’s fat burning capacity by as much as 55 percent, and even more when combined with exercise. The bottom line is that L-carnitine helps free and then burn excess body fat, turning it into energy.
  • Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange): This natural stimulant is composed of several different alkaloids that act in the same way as ephedrine. Ephedrine is used in some weight-loss supplements because it’s a powerful metabolism-booster, but it also has potentially serious side effects.
    Bitter orange, on the other hand, is natural and safe but is still a thermogenic agent (the scientific name for a fat burner) which boosts the body’s metabolism significantly, particularly when taken together with caffeine. A higher metabolism means faster and more efficient fat-burning and weight loss.
  • Caffeine Powder: And here’s the caffeine that works hand-in-hand with bitter orange to speed the fat-burning process. It does this in several ways. First, it stimulates thermogenesis on its own. But it also supports the physical process of breaking down the fat (called lipolysis), and it tricks the brain into thinking that you’re full; when you think you’re full and don’t eat as much, the body ends up burning stored fat in order to get the energy it needs. As you’d guess, thinking that you’re full also helps with appetite suppression.
  • Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper): Capsicum is yet another thermogenic agent, which incrementally boosts the body temperature and metabolism, increasing the rate of calorie and fat burning. It’s also been found that the capsaicin and capsaicinoids in capsicum work to inhibit appetite, another big plus. Phen375 uses a concentration of capsicum higher than that found in most other fat burning supplements.
  • Forskolin (Coleus Forskolii Root PE): This is a plant extract which has been used by civilizations around the world for centuries for a number of medical issues. But it’s been found that forskolin also activates and regulates enzymes (known as adenylate cyclase) which help activate the body’s fat-burning mechanisms.

There are several other supplemental Phen375 ingredients which should be mentioned. Longjack Tongkat Ali is best known for increasing testosterone levels but it also works to turn glucose intake into energy instead of being stored as fat. Calcium carbonate is included in the supplement because it’s known that higher-calcium diets are more conducive to fat burning. And chromium picolinate apparently plays an important role, still to be fully explained, in the regulation of blood sugar and reduction of food cravings.

There are no fillers or artificial colors or flavors in the Phen375 ingredient list, and everything that’s in the supplement is natural without dangerous side effects. Just as importantly, the smart mix of fat burners and appetite suppressants seems to be optimally calculated to maximize the effect that Phen375 diet pills will have. And several of the ingredients have added benefits, such as boosting energy levels.

Phentemine is not the same as phentermine375, as we’ve explained. But by examining its powerful and proven fat-burning ingredients, it’s obvious that Phen375 has been designed to provide almost all of the same benefits as the difficult-to-obtain prescription weight loss medication – without the hassles or possible side effects.

How the Supplement Is Used

We found that it’s simple to use Phen375 diet pills. You take two per day; the first with a glass of water shortly after you wake up, twenty minutes before your first meal. In the middle of the morning, you take a second pill along with a small meal and another glass of water. That may already seem like you’re eating too much, but the recommended diet that accompanies Phen375 calls for between four and six small meals per day plus plenty of water. As the day goes on you’ll be less hungry, as the supplement does its work and the water helps fill you up.

That’s all there is to it, and as we’ve mentioned, the company supplies a suggested diet and exercise plan along with the product.

Phen375 Results

The one thing we know after reviewing all sorts of supplements: it’s impossible to sum up the Phen375 “results” that you can expect in a single sentence. Results vary for all products, and when it comes to fat burners and diet pills a lot will depend on how rigorously you follow diet and exercise suggestions, as well as whether you take the supplements religiously without accidentally skipping doses.

However, we’ve found that the glowing Phen375 reviews that are posted online aren’t a figment of a company’s imagination. In most cases Phen375 fat burnerworks, and works well. Weight loss should begin to be evident in 4-6 weeks, sooner if an exercise and diet program is started along with the supplement. Sure, everyone would love to see the needle moving on the scale after a week or two, but this is designed to be a long-term approach; unlike a crash diet that peels off the pounds and then puts them right back on again (while making you miserable in the process), Phen375 is intended to work gradually.

Once making it through the first month and the pounds are starting to drop, the average user experiences a weekly weight loss of 3-5 pounds per week. We’ve found that’s truly an average. Slimmer people looking just to tone up may only need to lose a total of 10-12 pounds which can happen pretty quickly. But many who had a lot of weight to lose have been big-time Phen375 before-and-after success stories, dropping 30, 50 or 75 pounds over the course of two-to-six months.

We usually take customer reviews with an entire shaker of salt, not just a few grains. But the Phen375 customer reviews we’ve seen fall right into line with actual Phen375 results. We’re convinced this is a reputable and effective product.

Are There Phen375 Side Effects?

Earlier in our Phen375 review we mentioned that there are no dangerous side effects, since the ingredients are all natural. However, there are a few small Phen375 side effects you may experience when first starting with the supplement and you should be aware of them.

First, you may notice some changes in the consistency of your stool since you’ll be changing your diet and eating schedule, and excreting more excess fat than normal. It’s very rarely a major issue, if you experience it at all. Second, the caffeine and bitter orange are mild stimulants, so they can make it difficult to get to sleep at night if you take them off- schedule. Stick with the morning doses as recommended and you should be fine by evening.

Phen375 shouldn’t be taken by nursing or pregnant women, or those with cardiovascular or other serious diseases – always see your doctor before beginning any supplement program. And of course, if you do think you’re experiencing more serious Phen375 side effects (which are extremely unlikely) be sure to stop taking the supplement right away.

This product is made in America in FDA-approved laboratories so the company is able to offer a 100% quality guarantee. We find that important, and think that you should, too.

Where To Buy Phen375

One drawback to this product (at least in some peoples’ eyes) is that you can’t buy Phen375 in retail, drug or vitamin stores. It’s only available online. The company says that’s the best way they can keep prices low, since they don’t have to give stores a cut of the profits or pay for extra warehousing and distribution.

“Low” is a relative term when talking about prices, but you’ll find that it doesn’t cost more to buy Phen375 than most competitive products: about $70 including shipping for a month’s supply, with lower prices (and often bonus bottles of the product) for ordering more at one time. Click Here To Go To The Official Website, The Only Place Where You Can Buy Original Phen375 Pills Safely

Phen375 Review: Our Conclusion

Does Phen375 work? Yes, it does, particularly when used with a sensible diet and exercise program like the one supplied by the company. You can easily lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds per month, and often more.

Is Phen375 safe? Yes, because it uses natural ingredients that have been individually approved by the FDA and no serious side effects have been reported.

Is Phen375 a good buy? Yes, because it costs around the same as competitive diet supplements but delivers better results.

Whether you need to lose 10, 20, 50 pounds or more, we believe Phen375 diet pills are definitely worth checking out.

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